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General Facility Rental Guidelines
Manila CSD’S mission in providing facilities for rental is to offer affordable, welcoming and well maintained facilities in which events may be offered that promote social harmony, further community involvement and increase the quality of life for community members.

Reservation Policy
 Reservations for all Manila CSD facilities will be penciled in upon request. Reservations will not be confirmed until rental fee, deposit, and Certificate of Insurance (where applicable) are received in our office. Rental fees and deposits should be paid at least 30 days in advance of the reserve date. If the rental fee is not paid within 30 days of the reserve date, that date will be declared open and offered to parties on the waiting list.

Insurance Requirement
 Liability insurance coverage is mandatory for all rentals. Renters must, in advance, provide Manila CSD with a Certificate of Insurance for one million dollars including a separate endorsement naming Manila CSD as additional insured. The Certificate must specify the date, time, and location of the facility rental. Special event insurance can be purchased through the Manila CSD. Call our office for more information (707) 444-3803.

Cancellation Policy
 If fees are paid on time and a cancellation is necessary, the fee will be returned in full if Manila CSD is notified of the cancellation date (by phone and then followed in writing) at least two weeks prior to the reserve date. If cancellation is made within two weeks of the reserve date, the renter will receive a 50% refund. There will be no refunds given if Manila CSD is not notified of a cancellation.

Rain Outs
 If an outside event is cancelled due to rain, a full refund will be issued.

Hours of Operation
 Manila CSD facilities are located in residential areas. As such, all rentals may begin set up no earlier than 8AM and must be completely cleaned up by 10PM. There is no overnight camping on Manila CSD property other than the RV camping area located at Manila Park.

Clean Up Policy
 Facilities shall be cleaned following usage. Carefully follow the clean up instruction posted in the rented area or supplied by Manila CSD Staff. • Following the rental all garbage must be removed by you.• All equipment and supplies must be returned to their proper location. • All tables and counters must be wiped down and cleaned and put away if applicable • Ball field clean up includes trash pick-up in dugouts and under spectator benches.

One large black garbage bag will be allowed per rental and provided for you. Any additional bags of garbage will cost an additional $10 each and all bags must be removed from the hall and placed in the back of the building in the specified area.
Clean Up and Damage Deposit

 All facility rentals require a clean-up and damage deposit. A deposit is required for each facility rented. Upon verification that the facility was left clean and undamaged the deposit will be returned within two weeks to the person named on the application as the responsible party. Animals are not allowed in the rental facilities unless it is a service animal.

_ Place all of the garbage in closed bags. You have the option to remove your trash and take it with you or be charged $10 per bag which you must leave next to the front door inside the building.

_ Sweep the entire floor
_ Wash off the tabletops & countertops
_ Take down any decorations that you put up
_ Put all tables, chairs, & benches in their original position
_ Take all of your personal belongings with you
_ Turn off lights
_ Lock all doors & windows

_ Turn off the oven
_ Wipe up any over-bakes in the oven
_ Empty the refrigerator
_ Wipe up any spills on stove & in the refrigerator
_ Wash out the sinks
**All applicable tasks must be completed by the end of your rental period. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of your deposit.**

_ For emergencies, call 911.
_ For problems with the facility or issues with cleanliness outside of regular office hours, call
Alisha at (707) 845-8067 please leave a message she will respond promptly Make sure to call prior to your use of the facility.

_ Keys can be placed in the night drop box (slot on the door) at the Manila Community Services District Office located at 1901 Park street in Manila. Facility keys must be returned by the 1st business day following the rental unless prior arrangements have been made. Keys not returned within five business days of the rental will result in forfeiture of the facility or key deposit.
_ Deposits paid by credit card will be credited back to the same card. Deposits originally paid
by cash or check will be issued by check generally within two weeks following the rental
provided the key has been returned by the end of the day and the facility/
equipment is in the same condition or better than it was prior to the rental.
Thank you for renting the from Manila CSD!
Manila CSD•1901 Park St.•707-444-3803•Weekdays 9AM – 1PM
E-mail: •

Rental Application

Use the link below to view the facility rental fee schedule or veiw a printable verison of the rental application